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Our owner, Jon was born with bilateral clubfoot. In 1978, doctors relied on early surgery to help straighten and correct this condition. At 4 months old, Jon had surgery to release and reconstruct tendons and ligaments in both feet. He had second surgery on his left foot at age 4. As an adult he deals with arthritis, inflammation, achilles tightness and nerve pain that can sometimes be debilitating. Even normal activities like too much walking can cause him to need to use a cane the next day. Although at times the pain can be severe, that doesn't stop him from his love of golfing, more on that later.

Today 175,000 - 200,000 babies are born with clubfoot around the world with a large majority being in lower income countries. The good news is, the Ponseti method of casting and bracing is 97% effective and surgery is rarely necessary. However, over one million people are living world-wide with untreated clubfoot and some doctors are still quick to turn to surgery. Using golf as a platform Jon has launched a fundraising campaign to raise money for Clubfoot Solutions, Inc., a 501(c)(3) who's goal is to free the world of untreated clubfoot by providing the Iowa Brace and education to clinicians and families all over the world.


Jon is joining the adaptive golf community and will be playing various tournaments throughout the year. To raise money for Clubfoot Solutions Jon is asking supporters to Pledge for Pars and birdies during these tournaments. As a 10 handicap he's hoping for 15-20 pars over 54 holes. A clubfoot child is in bracing treatment for four years. They will need up to 12 Iowa Braces during their bracing treatment program. It costs approximately $35.00 to manufacture and ship an Iowa Brace to a clubfoot child in need. Your donation will help give a child a chance to walk and have a normal life, like our friend Anita pictured up top.

To learn more, follow my journey on Instagram @bareclubgolfer & @iowabrace to see how much of a difference they are making.

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$10 Par / $20 Birdie

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All donations go directly to Clubfoot Solutions, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit Iowa-based organization. Geertsen Insurance Group, Inc and Clubfoot Solutions, Inc are not affiliated.